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Great Customer Service

Our Customers Mean Everything

The State Controller’s Office provides many services to a variety of customers ranging from individual citizens requesting public information to vendors inquiring about payments from the State of Idaho, to state agencies engaging in accounting or payroll-related activities, and much more.  The common denominator shared by all of these interactions with my office is customer service.

As State Controller, Brandon Woolf believes that providing great customer service is among the most important jobs done at the State Controller’s Office.  You, the taxpayer, fund the state’s operations – that’s one key reason why citizens, vendors, and other state agencies deserve timely and accurate information when they contact the office.

Just as citizens depend on his office to do their jobs well, and in accordance with the law, so do the many businesses that provide goods and services to the state.  The office process the financial transactions that are initiated by state agencies to pay the vendors with whom they do business.  Businesses expect, and deserve, to be paid accurately and on time.

Credit rating agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s also rely on the information published by his office to determine Idaho’s creditworthiness – which ultimately impacts Idaho’s cost of borrowing for things like Tax Anticipation Notes and even local school bonds.  If you have ever received a tax refund from the state, that too was processed through his office.

"There’s a lot riding on how well we do our job and how well we provide customer service in the State Controller’s office.  That’s why I am committed to providing exceptional customer service to the citizens, state employees, businesses, and state agencies we serve.  It’s what we do as public servants." - Brandon Woolf

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